Admission Information

The University offers fellowships specifically designed to promote campus diversity and the group strongly supports this effort. We encourage underrepresented minorities to apply to the group and to apply for financial aid and affiliated preparation programs, such as the McNair Scholars Programs and the UC LEADS scholar program.

Application deadline

Priority deadline: JANUARY 15 each year.

Final deadline:June 1 each year

Applications will not be reviewed until all components are received. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their applications and all documents are received by the program on time.

Please note - this program starts in Fall Quarter each year. 


1. Academic Requirements for the Program

a. All applicants to the MPVM program must hold a professional medical degree, such as a DVM degree or equivalent, or a Medical Doctor (MD).

b. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (or equivalent for foreign students) in their medical program for consideration of admission to the MPVM program.

c. GRE scores are not required for admission to the MPVM Program.

2. Complete the online application through the Office of Graduate Studies and pay the required fee.

Please click on “Create an Account” to start the online application. When asked to “Choose a Program” the program will be listed alphabetically as “Preventive Veterinary Medicine".

3. Letters of Recommendation
Three academic or professional recommendations (in English) are required. Letters of recommendation are submitted electronically through the online admissions application system only. No paper copies or letter service letters are accepted.

4. Transcripts

UC Davis requires academic records from each college-level institution you have attended.  You will be instructed to upload scanned copies of your transcripts after you have submitted your online application.  For more details visit Applications are reviewed with scanned, unofficial transcripts. Should applicant be recommended for admission to the MPVM program, Graduate Studies will require an official, sealed transcript be sent directly to Graduate Studies. Directions for doing so will be included in provisional admission letters sent electronically directly from Graduate Studies. The MPVM offer of Admission is an offer only and not

International transcripts must be evaluated to a 4.0 scale in English. In accordance with the Office of  Graduate Studies, transcripts may be provided as follows:

  • The college or university which has issued the documents
  • A transcript evaluation service (e.g. WES, ECE, IERF)
  • A government certified translation

For additional information see


The UCD Office of Graduate Studies requires the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if your native language is not English.  Scores that are two years old or more will not be accepted. The minimum score required for admission to this program is 85 as follows:

1. Applicants with TOEFL score of 85-105 (or IELTS equivalent) are required to take the University of California Davis English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for graduate students (Linguistics 25 and Linguistics 26).

IELTS Scores. As an alternative, you may submit scores from the Academic Modules of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) designed by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and administered by the British Council worldwide. You are responsible for providing us with an official Test Report Form (TRF) of your IELTS.

Remember to order the TRF when you register to take the test. Only tests taken within the last 2 years are admissable. Your most recent overall BAND score must be at least 7 on a 9-point scale.

To register for the IELTS, consult the IELTS website or contact the IELTS Subject Officer, University of Cambridge, Local Examinations Syndicate, 1 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EU, United Kingdom.

ALL APPLICANTS are strongly encouraged to communicate with the Chair and Master Adviser prior to admission to the program, in order to introduce themselves and to facilitate connections with appropriate faculty and Peer Advisers. This process of communicating should begin in the Fall, prior to the relevant applications deadline. Applicants should take the initiative to identify their research interests, identify datasets to which they have access that might be suitable for MPVM Projects, and exchange research ideas with potential Research Project Advisers. While formal assignment of a Research Project Adviser cannot occur prior to admission, contacts should be far-enough developed such that at least tentative identification of a research adviser can be made as soon after the time of admission as possible.